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RASTA Sanctuary Calendar 2019 (clearance)


100% of calendar sales goes to RASTA Sanctuary to support their work.

The RASTA Sanctuary offers a lifelong safe haven to numerous farm, as well as other domestic animals which for the most part have nowhere else to go. Honoring education as the most valuable tool in rescue work, RASTA offers a unique one of a kind interactive experience to the public by hosting guided tours to visit the many different types of rescued animals at the Sanctuary. In doing so, it’s RASTA’s goal to inspire compassion for all animals with no distinction between breeds or species. RASTA prides itself in being a no kill and cage-less Sanctuary, rather than the conventional approach of a shelter or a pound. The strict no kill policy mandates that only terminally ill or fatally injured animals will ever undergo euthanasia and the cage-less philosophy allows the animals to enjoy freedom and socialization within their own, as well as among other species. The RASTA Sanctuary operates on a volunteer basis and is maintained for the most part by its founder Lucie, and a handful of devoted volunteers.

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